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Portable Propane Heater Information Guide

Portable Propane Heater The Fire Department will enforce the following guidelines when businesses operate portable propane gas heater(s):

General Requirements

Heaters shall display a UL or other nationally recognized standard listing

Heaters shall be used in open-air areas only . Indoor use is not permitted

Heaters shall be set upon a firm foundation of substantially level surface

Heaters shall be equipped with a safety tilt shut-off switch

Specific Use Requirements

Heaters shall be calculated at a maximum of one heater per 150 square feet of use area

Heaters shall not obstruct the clear path of egress

Heaters shall maintain a minimum of 3-foot clearance from any combustible material, i.e. sides, top and below

Heaters or gas bottles shall not be stored within a building

The on-site storage of spare gas bottles is not allowed

Safety Rules

Portable propane gas heaters must be handled with caution. In the unlikely event that a gas leak should occur, take the following steps:

Immediately shut off the gas bottle service valve.

Never test for a gas leak using an open flame. Use soapy water.

Eliminate all possible outside sources of ignition.

Do not turn any light switches on or off.

If the leak continues, contact the Fire Department by dialing 911.