Other Industrial Component Heaters

Immersion Heaters
Standard units in incoloy copper, steel and stainless. Custom units in 10 different sheath materials.Write for Catalog

Pipe Thread Heaters
Used in low KW, low pressure applications
18 options available including liquidproof or explosion-resistant outlet boxes and integral thermostats.
UL and CSA listed

Pipe Flange Heaters
Used in higher KW high pressure/temperature applications
Standard sizes up to 12' flanges, custom sizes up to 30".
23 options available including high pressure flanges, built-in thermostats, liquidproof or explosion-resistant outlet boxes.

Over - the-Side Heaters
Used when heater cannot penetrate vessel wall or where heater must be moved frequently.
Optional constructions; curved blades for circular openings, deep tank construction and vertical design for minimal interference.
13 options available: including built-in thermostat, explosion-resistant outlet boxes, cord and plug.

Cooling Tower Heaters
Specially designed pipe thread heaters to prevent water in cooling tower basins or sumps from freezing
Over-the-side designs also available.
Remote thermostats, contactors, low water cutoff and NEMA 4 panels available.

Special Designs
Designed for special user and OEM applications.
Examples: Pipe insert heaters for viscous fluids, rectangular flange heaters for food processing and many more.

Bottom Mounted Heaters
Used in coffee urns, steam tables or any job requiring a low profile. Options; Low water cutoff, liquidproof, explosion resistant outlet boxes.

Tubular & Finned Tubular Elements
Tubular applications: clamp-on wrap-around, immersion, convection or radiant heating.
Finned tubular applications: natural convection or forced draft space heating, industrial process air heating.

Custom designs to fit the job.
565 designs in stock.
10 sheath materials available.
Options: 16 different terminations, insulators and seals, special fittings and mounting plates.

Cartridge Heaters
Inserted into drilled holes to heat machine parts, including presses, dies, molds and platens.
Sheaths: Incoloy, stainless.
Options: special leads, bends, fittings, outlet boxes and ratings.

Crankcase Heaters
Used to warm crankcase oil and prevent slugging in refrigeration compressors of leading manufacturers
Standard styles: dry well insert, clamp on with mounting clips, immersion.
UL and CSA recognized.

Strip and Flexible (Silastic) Heaters
Clamped or wrapped around the surface to be heated.
String and Ring Heater applications: surface heating for even heat distribution, external tank heating, air heating, moisture/freeze protection, load resistor.
Flexible Heater applications: where a low watt density, low temperature, waterproof heater is required (e.g. to prevent condensation in electric motors)
Custom designed mica strip heaters to fit the job.
Stock flexible heaters up to 48" long.

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