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Tower Heater

PTC ceramic tower heater's working principle is the same to PTC ceramic heater, Only the contour is dissimilar.

PTC is the abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistor.It is a ceramic heater. The characteristics are running at a certain temperature range, the resistance increases sharply with temperature increase and stability in determining the operating temperature range.

PTC has very high security,When the PTC job the temperature reaches the Curie point, its resistance with increasing temperature and the sharp increase in output power of the rapid decline in force, when the fan stops to happen, no wind, dry, etc., the maximum temperature inside piece is limited to specific temperature, the fire effectively avoided, which are other Electric Heater can not be compared with the most prominent feature.

PTC ceramic tower heater's energy-saving is very significant. This is because its output power with the ambient temperature significantly reduced the rise. This feature to some extent on the power play the role of automatic adjustment.

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Singfun PTC Ceramic Tower Heate
China SingFun Electric Group Co., Ltd.

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Cont

SPT SH-1508 Tower Ceramic Heater with Ionizer

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