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Radiant Heater

How does radiant heat work? Like the sun, radiant heat warms objects directly with long wave electromagnetic energy. Radiant heating diffuses energy heat rays in a 160-degree arc, distributing warmth evenly, so that there is not more than 2 degrees difference between floor level and ceiling level. Radiant heat warms a room sooner and at lower temperature settings than other kinds of heat.

Radiant energy is energy from a source that is absorbed by the ceramic plate. Ceramic Radiant Heat warms the objects directly with long wave electromagnetic waves that travel and are reflected and absorbed. Heat radiates thru throughout the room and you are warm on low settings It is a healthy, comfortable, economical way to heat a home, cabin or office and installed in any room, on a wall unit, baseboard, or cove.

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Portable Ceramic Radiant Heater
Shanghai Keling Scientific & Technical Enterprises CO., LTD.

Soleus Air MS-09 Oscillating Radiant Heater
Soleus Air

Reddy Heater Heat Demon 30,000 BTU Radiant Heater

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