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Quartz Heater

The quartz heater is mainly composed by the sealed type heating unit, parabolic or the circular arc-surface baffle plate, the protection strip, the power regulation switch and so on. It is by the quartz radiant tube as the heating unit, the use remote infrared ray heating energy conservation technology, causes remote infrared ray which the far infrared radiant element sends out by object absorption, becomes the heat energy to achieve directly warms up, simultaneously the remote infrared ray may have the physical therapy function to the human body. This heater is loaded with 2~4 quartz tubes, causes its part or the complete quartz tube using the power switch puts into the work. The quartz tube is composed of the heating wire and the quartz glass tube.


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Stand & Wall Mounted Quartz Heater
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Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater

Lakewood 750/1500 Watt Vertical Quartz Fan Heater

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