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Patio Heater

Patio heater, which includes the base, supporting bar, the supporting bar with the main reflection of the top cover, the main burner; in the upper supporting bar there are a number of branches under, under the branches of the end of a small reflex enclosures and side burner. Three burner can be used alone, can also be used to meet the different users and intensity of heating requirements of the region; and the structure is simple and takes full account of the assembly and ease of use. As a result of the burner in the bottom set, the flame with people closer distance to facilitate the heating, the expansion of the heating zone. Since the heater inside the net enclosures at the bottom with a fixed plate connected with the ignition of the windscreen, the windscreen and there is no gap between the ignition site, use of wind and flame will not flicker, and thus a more stable flame heating better.

Use the most new technology of gas combustion, direct combustion, direct spread of heat, high temperature,no prolonged sun exposure, overheating cooling off the phenomenon of high-performance stainless steel net, the use of durable non-corrosive body thickening plate, a solid cylinder is placed in a solid machines, free to move to the space required.

One-button ignition, arc-type regulation for operational high, medium and low three firepower to meet the demand for different energy, maximum power is six times the general heater. Use of liquefied gas fuel, clean, non-toxic, tasteless, non-noise, high-performance environment, the burning rate of 99.9%.

Suitable for
Outdoor bars, pedestrian street, outdoor stadium, a large conference room, factory floor, telephone booth, villa garden, community, hotels, outdoor venues, such as the entrance hall of the winter heating.

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