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Oil-Filled Radiator

Oil-filled radiator heater is the main electricity, it is also called the oil-filled heater.Its to hot area, and can effectively improve the indoor temperature has been generally welcomed. Mainly by the electric heating elements sealed, metal heat pipes or heat sinks, temperature control components, composition of light and so on. The body cavity of the heater there is new necessary and sufficient heat-conductive oil. Its structure is to install electric heating pipe with a lot of heat sinks in the cavity of the following in the body cavity around the injection tube heater has heat-conductive oil.When connected to power, the electric heating tube is heated around the heat-conducting oil, rose to the upper cavity, along the heat pipe or heat sink convection cycle, through the cavity wall surface will go out of heat radiation, thereby heating the space environment, to achieve the purpose of heating. And, to be air-cooled down to the heat-conducting oil heating tube heating has been around and start a new cycle. Such heaters are generally equipped with a bi-metallic temperature control element, when the temperature reached the temperature is set, the temperature control device to disconnect the power. Oil filled radiator heater's surface temperature low, generally no more than 85 ¡æ, and will not even touch on the human body caused by burns.

This heater oil without changing, long service life, fit in the living room, bedroom, corridor and there is the elderly and the children's home use, with safety, health, clean, odorless advantages.

Pay Attention to the Use of the Following:
Oil-filled radiator heater to the hot principle and control and other types of electrical heaters is different, so the new user must first read the instructions, right hands, safe to use.

1. Proper Use of Thermostat
Oil-filled radiator heater doesn't have a thermostat so that the shell heater can regulate the surface temperature (120 ¡æ below). Normal working hours, not to always thermostat is set at the most high-end, otherwise the work of heating surface temperature near 120 ¡æ, the temperature controller on the motion is not easy, easy work of long high-temperature internal device or the protection of the aging of burning was damage.Therefore, the first time when the use of Oil-filled radiator heater thermostat to transfer must be set at an appropriate location.

2. Choose the Correct Use of Power Switches
Oil-filled radiator heater are sealed using two sets of negative electric heating elements as a heating pipe, heating pipe corresponding to the two groups both have two grade selection switches. Common on the present market heater 1500W and 2000W for two. Generation of electricity lines in the permit conditions, the right choice can be power-saving power stalls, reducing the load line.

3. Room to Keep the Seal
Oil-filled radiator heater convection is the form of increased air temperature and indoor temperature affects the level of on-off power. Good interior tightness, at room temperature increased, heating time short and cooling time long, thereby saving.

4. Prohibition of Coverage
Not to cover up items in heater, electric heater otherwise easy to make timely dissemination of heat and should not cause burn-in short circuit, or for items covered by high-temperature fire caused by fire.

5.Upside Down or Down Up and Down the Prohibition of Ohmic Heating
Shell heater infusion special heat-conducting oil, must have heated internal stress, in order to ensure the normal use of the internal pressure is lower than 0.2Mpa, conducting oil and reperfusion of the total volume to about 70%, there is more room inside. Upside down or down, the internal heating oil pipe exposed in this case, the ohmic heating has cracks may have been burned, damaged heating tube. For such cases, the use must pay attention to.

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