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Mica Heater

Micathermic is one of the latest heating technology. It has many advantages: running with no noise and safe (no burning things). Moreover, because of directly to people, not first to make the aire hot, this device is able to more quickly warm up.

Mica heating board category product introduction:

(1) Convection heater

Applied to the convection electric heater plate of mica, it is the use of hot and cold air density is different, from rising hot air convection of cold air fell rapidly then heating indoor air.

Convection heater is popular and widely accept to consumers in the market. Because convection heater full contact with the air, so is the best cooling effect, also the highest thermal efficiency. Its main effect is through both sides of the radiation to heat the human body, through the convection heating of indoor air, and we can also be used to increase heat to bake some clothing.

(2) Flat-panel heater

Applied to the flat-panel electric heater plate of mica, it is through add in the mica plate inside the aluminum reflective layer, forced to distribute heat through the side, so can be made very thin flat-panel heater or wall-mounted heater.

Flat-panel heater can be very good for the body heat. People sitting across from the heater have a very strong sense of hot, while also part of the increase in convection heat simultaneously heated indoor air. Flat-panel heater is very popular in Europe and high-grade heater, also a new type of heater.

To sum up, mica heater supporting the significance of not only creating a new, beautiful, fashion, environmental protection, high-performance heater, and will become an alternative to the traditional and upgrades goods.

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1000W Mica Panel Heater(PH-10B)
Ningbo Jasun Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.

Soleus Air HM2-15R-32 Flat-Panel Mica Heater
Soleus Air


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