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Halogen Heater

A halogen heater is a lightweight and portable heating device that can be plugged into an electrical source and provide warmth in an enclosed area. This type of heater is distinguished by the use of halogen elements rather than electrical coils or propane or butane conductors to provide the source of heat. Current models of the halogen heater can be used in several different environments, and are equipped with a number of safety features.

Oscillating halogen heaters are an excellent choice for distributing heat within a room. Using the same premise as the oscillating tabletop fan, the idea is to heat the air as it circulates through the oscillating halogen heater, then propel the heated air in a broad arc around the space. This is different from heaters that use blowers to discharge warm air in a direct line from the heating elements. An oscillating heater will help to spread warm air throughout the space quickly and with a higher degree of efficiency.

Halogen heaters are often a nice way to augment existing heating systems within the home. Since the heaters come in several different sizes, it is possible to purchase one that will work well for a bedroom, an enclosed Florida room, or even as an added heat source to warm feet while sitting at a desk. Heat adjustments on most units make it possible to provide as little or as much extra heat as needed.

Most halogen heaters are equipped with a casing that remains cool to the touch, as well as an automatic shut down in the event the device is accidentally tipped over. These two features make the heater an ideal source for additional heat when children or pets are in the home. With decreased chances of any occupant of the space getting burned or the device tipping over and causing a fire, a halogen heater is definitely a safe option.

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