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Electric Insert Fireplace

A normal size fireplace is around 40-50 inches wide. Those in the range of 25-35 inches wide would classify as a compact or small fireplace. Most traditional fireplaces are available only in floor models.


Wall-Mounted Fireplaces Perfect for Small Spaces:

Wall-mounted fireplaces obviously take up no floor space. For that reason alone, a wall-mounted fireplace would be considered the ultimate in space saving design. If your style in décor is traditional, you may have difficulty finding a wall-mounted fireplace to suite your taste as most have a contemporary look and feel. However, as wall-mounted fireplaces increase in popularity, it is probable that the selection will grow offering more variety in design.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace:

The Fire Sense 1500w Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace has a unique design that allows you to attach this unit directly to any interior wall in your home. With a patented, lifelike 3D flame, sleek black finish, tempered glass front.

Benefits of an Wall Mounted:


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Richen Electric Inserts Fireplace
Ningbo Richen Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Ningbo Richen Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

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