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Electric Blanket

Usually the electric blanket is mainly composed by the heating element, the base core, the lining, the power line, the connecting box , the controlling switch (or temperature controller) and so on. Its primary structure is the heating element to the base backing cloth on, then meets the power line, will sew the good heating element and the base backing cloth again uses face guard to package it well. In the winter, the electric blanket as one kind of bed to warm up thing, electricity province, temperature being suitable, easy to operate, enters everyone massively. But it while brings warm to the people, also the ambush electromagnetism wave radiation and has fire accident's danger.

The electric blanket uses when has the strong electromagnetism wave radiation, surpasses above national related electromagnetic wave radiation safety normal value several dozens times to 100 times. It is widespread to human body's health influence, may cause the nervous system sickness, reproductive system sickness, cardiovascular system aspect sickness, immunologic function and eye vision vigorous sickness.

Electromagnetism wave radiation can make people headache, dizziness, the memory drop, the immunity to drop, to be easy to catch cold, lose hair, the attention not centralized , despondent, to be agitated, the woman menstruation disorder, the breast cancer, the skin to get older, the early aging, the scant of breath, the lumbodorsal region to be sore and so on. The contact electromagnetic radiation's crowd contracts leukemia's ratio to be higher than frequently 2.93 times the normal person, contracts in the brain the tumor for normal person's 3.26 times.

Because electric blanket's electromagnetism wave radiation and the induced electricity cannot see, not to feel, the injury is slow could not feel that therefore has not been able to cause the people throughout to take seriously enough, until to present most people to electric blanket to human body's injury not enough understanding.

Uses the electric blanket to have certain security problem, according to family use electric blanket many experience knowing, the electric blanket unsafe factor mainly has two kinds: Because one kind is uses causes the electric blanket overheated to cause improper hits the spark, pulls overburning accidents and so on arc; One kind is receives an electric shock the accident which not good or the insulation damage causes as a result of electric blanket's insulation.

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