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Convector heater is able to carry out electric power conversion, voltage 12V-380V in the selected scope, the general use of 220V, the maximum temperature is 300 ¡æ.

It's to use the principles of hot and cold air convection. By heating one or more heating elements of the air near the fin heat generated within the convection air currents, the outward flow from the convection heat radiation fin of the wall heat transfer, as well as from the fin at the top of the hole through the air out of ingredients into the environment of direct convection hot.

Its main features are energy-saving, no fan support, and other types of electric heating as compared to 30% saving energy, and heat evenly, mute and so on.

Features & Benefits:

Associated with a variety of convection heater heating equipment performance, low running costs, small size, easy maintenance, use, and adapt to a wide range of species are a significant cost-effective products.

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2000W CH-2000A Timer Convector
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Digital Convector Tower and Low Profile Heater

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