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Carbon Fiber Heater

Carbon fiber heater,carbon fiber electric circuit board and surrounding closely with the two sides of the thermal insulation layer bonding constitutes one unit electric panels, thermal insulation layer has a fixed carbon fiber electric heater connected to the power input terminals circuit board, convection heat shield has a support unit in the electric board and make it convection heat on both sides parallel to cover the stent before and after the panel, convection cooling electric control unit cover plate with the work status of the control panel.

Features & Benifits:

(1) Hightly effective and Energy saving
Use the carbon fiber surface shape heating element heat, radiates evenly, elevates temperature, the efficiency to be high quickly, three minutes may reach 90¡æ--100¡æ the fixed surface temperature, has the strong radiation convection current, the electric heating transfer ratio reaches above 98%, with the market in the similar products ceramics type, the hot piece type, quartz, the oil-filled type electric heater compares, the festival informs by telegram above 2/3. Does not need the water used to make the hot coal, the carbon fiber beat warms up the system take the electric power as the energy, transforms directly the electrical energy as the heat energy. The carbon fiber electric heating system implements the minute household measurement through to control the locellus control temperature warm, may needs to heat according to the room function and the use, can look like “saving water” “the electricity saving” to be such nimble, prosperous “the festival to be warm”conveniently, realizes the economical movement truly, independent control, calculation.

(2) Environmental Protection
Without environmental pollutions and so on waste water, waste gas, waste residue the traditional heating produces, avoids the chimneies standing in great numbers, is advantageous to the urban environmental protection and the plan. In the use the non-electromagnetic interference and pollution, do not have the dust, does not have the noise.

(3) Occupying Area Small
The outside doesn't need to construct the boiler room, does not need the reserve coal, pile the ash, does not need to lay down the numerous and diverse pipe network, the indoor does not have leaks the radiator, increases the room usable area,  is more artistic, the free space is big.

(4) Health
Gives off heat at the same time, the far infrared radiation which the carbon fiber tube produces, not only warms up the effect to be remarkable, but also has the good physical therapy health care function to the human body. The remote infrared radiation is been honored as by the modern medical arena “the light of life”, regarding the obesity, rheumatism, the bursitis in shoulder, the vasculitis, gastric disease and skin disease and so on have the good health care, the therapeutic action.

(5) Versatility
Can widely uses in the ordinary housing/villa/guesthouse/work/store/workshop/warehouse/garage and so on.

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