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Holmes HFH416-UM Swirl Grill Power Heater


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Attractive swirl grill design on a swivel base lets you direct the heat from this unit just where you want it to go. 1-Touch® controls let you change temperature settings with the touch of one button. High and low wattage settings, plus several temperature options give further control for your comfort.

1-touch thermostat that maintains the precise temperature level that you desire. The integrated fan system of this Holmes Portable Heater provides extra deep heat distribution, while its swivel housing allows for directional heat control. This electric heater features 2 heat settings, allowing you to choose between low or high operation, depending on weather conditions and your personal temperature preference. For extra peace of mind, it includes auto safety shut-off, an overheat backup fuse, and cool touch plastic housing. This Holmes Portable Heater is great for any room of your home or the office, and it will keep you warm all winter long. It's Cute, compact, and weighing only three pounds, this swivel fan heater goes just about anywhere.Take it to work, the vacation cabin, or from room to room, and swivel it manually to direct heat where it's needed most. Simple one-touch operation toggles through thermostat-controlled settings for 60, 65, 70, 75, and 80 degrees F, and for low (1,000 watts) and high (1,500 watts) output. The heater maintains the desired temperature by cycling on and off or runs continually when set on manual mode. If it overheats, the heater instantly shuts off. Measuring 10 by 8 by 5-1/2 inches, this powerful but quiet little heat source can sit on the floor or a table. Holmes provides this heater with a three-year warranty against defects.

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